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One More Subsidized Slot Available to Meet with Pre-Vetted Buyers in Australia

By Linda Spencer

Participating buyers will have an opportunity to visit accessory, performance and off-road retailers and wholesalers during the 2017 SEMA Australia Business Development Program in Melbourne.

One more slot remains for the 2017 SEMA Australia Business Development Program, to be held May 23–27, in Melbourne. Explore first-hand opportunities in Australia, which has a thriving pickup and SUV customization and hot-rod enthusiast market. Participating eligible firms can receive $1,000 grants.

View the 2016 SEMA Australia post-show report.

Watch a video of the 2016 trip.

Register now for the 2017 SEMA Australia Business Development Conference. (Click on this link to learn how to qualify/self-certify for the grants).

For questions about any of SEMA’s overseas trips, including the SEMA Australia Business Development Program, May 23–27, 2017, and the SEMA China Business Development Program, September 6–10, 2017, contact Linda Spencer at