Global Update

What Sells Best and Where? Make/Model Data Available

By Khesayc Chu Yang

ford ranger
A ’16 Australian-spec Ford Ranger was featured at a SEMA Garage measuring session last year.

Want to know which countries sell the most Mustangs? Interested in selling in a particular country and want to know which are the best-selling pickups in that market? These and many more make/model sales statistics are available free of charge to SEMA members to assist them in analyzing overseas markets and their product’s export potential. To access the data, visit SEMA International Research, or contact Khesayc Chu Yang at

Data available:

Jeep Wrangler — Top Markets by Units Sold (2015):

1. United States
2. Canada
3. China
4. Mexico
5. Japan
6. Puerto Rico
7. Germany
8. Australia
9. Italy
10. South Africa
11. Saudi Arabia

Source: SEMA Calculations from IHS data.

Make parts for the Jeep Wrangler? Information on the top markets and the number sold per country are available online.

Top Selling pickups in Australia (2015):

1. Toyota HiLux
2. Ford Ranger T6
3. Mitsubishi Triton
4. Holden Colorado
5. Isuzu D-Max
6. Nissan Navara
7. Mazda BT-50
8. Volkswagen Amarok
9. Toyota Land Cruiser 70
10. Holden Commodore

Source: SEMA Calculations from IHS data.  

Information on the most popular vehicles by country are available online.

SEMA is organizing a trip to Australia to meet with buyers from the region. For more information, visit or contact SEMA has purchased an Australian-spec ’16 Ford Ranger and a left-hand-drive ’16 HiLux (with an Australian-spec bed) available at the SEMA Garage for members to measure. SEMA will measure the latest-model Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200/Triton during the upcoming SEMA Middle East trip

For more information on the 2017 SEMA Middle East trip or any of SEMA’s international programs, contact, or visit