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Members Get Hands-on With 2017 Mercedes AMG GT, Ferrari 488

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA Garage recently partnered with the Midway Group to host a joint measuring session featuring the ’17 Ferrari 488 and the ’17 Mercedes AMG GT. SEMA members headed to Midway’s MG Studio in Los Angeles with tools and cameras in hand ready to gather specs, research model additions and develop plans for new products.

Ferrari Mercedes Measuring SessionFerrari Mercedes Measuring SessionFerrari Mercedes Measuring Session
The association created measuring sessions to provide a single location for members to schedule time with vehicles to gather specs, research model additions and changes, and develop plans for new products.

In addition to member access, the two elite European sport coupes shared time under the FARO arm to generate accurate 3D scans of the exteriors, as well as detailed scans of the exhausts, brakes, wheels and more. The scan data helps engineers develop products that are guaranteed to fit, eliminating the need for reverse engineering. Access to the vehicle data collected from the FARO arm, along with the real-world measurements and photos taken by session participants, can drastically reduce the time needed to take a product idea from concept to showroom.

“One of the most vital components of product development is the Measuring Session; it’s really where that process starts,” said Jim Moore, SEMA director of OEM relations. “Traditionally, we host sessions at the SEMA Garage, or at OEM establishments. When were looking for non-traditional vehicles that don’t necessarily fit in to the norm, we look for outside partners, like the Midway Group.”

In addition to the Ferrari-Mercedes session at Midway Group, this year the SEMA Garage has already conducted measuring sessions for the ’18 Toyota C-HR and ’16 Australian-spec Ford Ranger, with a ’18 Audi Q5 Measuring Session scheduled for Tuesday, February 7.

“Midway Group specializes in vehicle procurement for partners like SEMA to provide vehicles for OEMs, manufacturers, marketing agencies and press agencies,” said Bryan Fitzgibbon, Midway Group’s director of client services. “While not necessarily in the garage right now, we typically have about 20 to 25 vehicles that are ours, and the goal is to use the vehicles for more than one program of this type.”

Upcoming Measuring Sessions are announced in SEMA eNews when details are made available. To learn more about SEMA Measuring Sessions and the SEMA Garage, visit