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6 Reasons You Should Hire an Intern

By Amelia Zwecher

Need to know more about recruiting superior employees? Recruiting and hiring top-quality employees is often a challenge for hiring managers and recruiters. As a recruiter, it’s essential to think outside of the box and to be willing to try different methods to achieve optimal results. Hiring an intern may be just the answer you need. Here’s an interesting myth and truth about recruiting that may help.

Myth: “Hiring interns is for employers who have a large staff, not for small business owners who are often short staffed and too busy to dedicate time to a student.”

Truth: Employers who rush to hire for open positions often find themselves looking for new talent months later. According to Forbes, a bad hire could cost a business at least $30,000 (there’s a formula to obtain this number!). A bad candidate can be worse than no candidate, so choose your employees wisely.

What’s the resolution? Maybe hiring an intern temporarily can minimize expensive bad hiring decisions, but cutting expenses shouldn’t be the only reason to hire interns.

Here’s 6 reasons you should hire an intern:

  1. New perspective and fresh ideas on company issues
  2. Millennials are technologically savvy
  3. The position can remain short-term or become more (part-time/full-time)
  4. Gain a brand advocate and positive word of mouth
  5. Help to start or complete projects and other tasks that never made it to the top of your priority list
  6. Giving back to the community and to youth: Supporting the future of the automotive industry is most important

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