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Spy Photos—Mission E, Porsche’s First Real Step Toward EV

By SEMA Editors

The Mission E, seen testing at VW’s secret test facility in northern Finland, is Porsche's first real step toward an all-electric vehicle in its lineup. First introduced as a concept at the 2015 Frankfort Motor Show, the Mission E pictured here with the skin of a Panamera body is jacked up to make room for batteries and a tailpipe that hide its true EV intentions.

Porsche Mission E

The vehicle will be purposed as a Tesla Model S rival, complete with a battery pack that will reportedly hold more than 330 miles. It is said to accelerate from 0–60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and onto 125 mph in under 12 seconds. It will also be able to recharge 80% of its driving range in 15 minutes, thanks to the use of an 800V system, rather than the 400V system used on today’s electric cars. Porsche claims that they are a front-runner in introducing the 800V system, though it will require a special 800V charge port to achieve those remarkable recharging times.

Porsche Mission E