Global Update

Jeep Wrangler a Top Choice of Off-Roaders in China

Qian Guohui bought his first Jeep—a Compass—in 2010. The model choice was dictated by his wife’s tastes. But Guohui hankered after a tougher-looking Jeep, and he wanted to go off-road. In 2014, with his wife’s blessing, he bought a Jeep Wrangler.

“I really am a devoted Jeep fan,” Guo-hui said.

As China’s middle class grows, so does the market for vehicles that can be used for fun rather than just transportation. Those vehicles allow the owners to show off their personal style, and they are creating a growing market in China for accessories that boost performance and enhance the appearance of the vehicles.

“The market for aftermarket accessories in China is very large,” said Guohui. “And American-brand accessories are very attractive [to Chinese consumers].”