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Recruitment Tips and Best Practices for Automotive Employers, Part 3

By Amelia Zwecher

Recruiters should host open houses, site tours and seminars to attract and evaluate qualified candidates.

Matching up top talent with careers and fulfilling organizational needs is the leading goal of the talent-acquisition industry. Recruiters can easily get stuck in the same routines and methods of recruiting, and opportunities can be missed in a complacent state of mind. It’s a good idea to continuously reevaluate practices and strive to improve.

Here are some additional best practices to consider in an ever-changing job market:

1. Host open houses, site tours, seminars, and/or webinars about your company/openings/advice to applicants.

2. Create a pipeline:

  • Consider former applicants who were qualified, such as second-place candidates who just didn’t make the cut, or former candidates who were unqualified but may be qualified several months later.
  • Stay in touch with former employees who were in good standing (alumni). These individuals can be advocates for your company. Some alumni may be great resources for referrals.
  • Recruit active candidates. An active candidate is actively looking for work. This does not necessarily mean unemployed, but it can. This group is looking for a new opportunity for a variety of reasons.
  • Recruit passive candidates. A passive candidate is employed, but not currently looking for a new opportunity. Including the 15% of professionals who are tiptoers (active), this group accounts for 75% of the workforce.

3. Consider numerous different applicant tracking systems to assist your company with heightening the sourcing/recruiting/hiring processes. Applicant tracking systems are also effective with managing talent acquisition processes.

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