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Spy Shots—2018 Mustang GT Coupe With Active Quad Exhaust


This is the ’18 Ford Mustang GT Coupe, caught for the first time running with active quad exhaust. The Mustang GT convertible has previously been seen wearing this option, but with more of a muled-up exhaust setup. This GT coupe, though, appears to conceal the full-on production-intent look.

The Mustang will get some minor changes for 2018 to keep it fresh after its comprehensive redo in 2015. The styling should be tweaked and new special editions and trim packages offered, such as the Mach 1.

More significant changes are expected under the skin, with a new 10-speed automatic finding its way into the Mustang, along with likely changes to improve power and economy. It’s unclear if the naturally aspirated V6 will continue.

Expect to see the ’18 Mustang early next year.


Photo credit: Brian Williams, SpiedBilde