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5 Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow for 2017

By Michael Hart

Gene Marks will lead an education session at the 2016 SEMA Show entitled, “Five Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow for 2017.”

The first question most small- or even medium-sized business owners ask themselves each morning when they get to work is “how much cash do we have on hand to pay bills and employees at the end of the week and to drop to our bottom line?” The second question is usually “how can we get more of it?”

“I have yet to encounter a business owner who is not interested in increasing their cash flow,” said Gene Marks, who will lead an education session at the 2016 SEMA Show entitled, “Five Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow for 2017.”

Marks is a CPA whose clients are small- to medium-sized businesses and writes regularly for The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Inc. magazine and He will cover the important ways in which business owners can improve their cash-flow position, including the latest best practices, methods and ideas on how to reduce expenses, build profits, boost bottom lines and generate more cash.

“This is not a marketing or sales conversation,” Marks said.

The SEMA Show offers plenty of conference sessions on those topics.

“This is a straightforward operations conversation,” he said of the session that will take place Monday, October 31, at 1:00 p.m. “I’m a CPA and this will be coming from the standpoint of an accounting guy and what my clients are doing to increase their cash flow.”

Along with methods and ideas, Marks will talk about some of the latest internal operations technologies that can help business owners run their businesses more efficiently and, again, generate more cash flow.

“There are certain cool technologies out there that a lot of people in the automotive business will be very interested to hear about,” he said. “We’re supposed to be navigating the ship, looking ahead, watching the horizon for potential storms and reacting appropriately to ensure that we stay on course, right?” Marks added, “This is where you’ll find out how to do just that.”

Seating will be limited, so sign up today.

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