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Top 5 Reasons to Upload Your Résumé to SEMA’s Career Center

By SEMA Editors

SEMA Career Center
The new SEMA Career Center is an online employment resource dedicated to the automotive aftermarket industry.

Employers and recruiters often search for qualified candidates through the résumés that users upload to the SEMA Career Center. Below are the top five reasons you should upload your résumé and start down the path toward your dream job.

1. Free of Charge: You can upload your résumé free of charge. So what is there to lose?
2. Save Time and Effort: Once your résumé has been uploaded to the database, there will be hundreds of potential employers who can view it. You don’t have to chase them anymore; they’ll chase you.
3. Constant Visibility: Publishing your résumé on the SEMA Career Center means that your profile can be accessed constantly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) by potential employers. This can dramatically increase your chances of being noticed, and consequently getting hired.
4. Access to a Wide Range of Jobs: When applying in the traditional way, the job search is usually centered on a particular area of work. However, when you upload your résumé to SEMA’s Career Center, it can be viewed by all employers that have current openings.
5. Full Control over Personal Details: You will have full control over your personal profile and résumé with three privacty settings:

  • Public: Allow employers to see your résumé and contact information.
  • Anonymous: Allow employers to see résumé, but keep your contact information private.
  • Private: Keep your résumé and contact information private.

These options mean that you will always be in control of your personal profile.

Take control of your future. Visit the SEMA Career Center today. For more information, please contact SEMA’s Director of Education, Zane Clark.