Global Update

SEMA Garage to Host 3 International Vehicle Measuring Sessions This Month

By Linda Spencer

The new ’16 Toyota HiLux and two other international vehicles popularly customized by enthusiasts worldwide but not sold in the United States will be available in the SEMA Garage the week of December 14.

All SEMA manufacturing members are invited to attend three international vehicle measuring sessions at the SEMA Garage the week of December 14. The three vehicles available are the ’16 Toyota HiLux double-cab 4x4, ’14 UAZ Hunter, and ’14 Mitsubishi L200 4x4 double-cab.

’16 Toyota HiLux double-cab 4x4: This is the fifth vehicle SEMA has purchased to provide members with access to hard-to-obtain vehicles that are popularly customized globally but not sold in the United States. One of the most iconic Toyota vehicles, the HiLux has sold more than 16 million units in more than 180 countries and regions since the first-generation model launched in 1968, and is now in its eighth reiteration. The just-arrived truck was built in Thailand and purchased from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is spec'd with a five-speed manual transmission and the 2TR-FE 2.7L petrol four-cylinder VVT-i engine.

’14 UAZ Hunter and 4x4 double-cab ’14 Mitsubishi L200: HiLux participants will also be able to measure/conduct fitness checks on a ’14 UAZ Hunter and 4x4 double-cab ’14 Mitsubishi L200. There are no fees to participate. Register now!

’17 Hyundai Elantra: Available for measuring at the SEMA Garage just weeks following its North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, will be the all-new ’17 Hyundai Elantra. As one of Hyundai’s all-time best-selling models, the Elantra enters its sixth-generation, building on the momentum and success of its award-winning formula: bold aerodynamic design, all-new efficient powertrain, enhanced fuel economy, better ride quality and comprehensive safety upgrades. Register now to measure the Elantra.

An expert panel of industry manufacturers will share their insights on how measuring sessions have helped to grow their business during a three-hour program/luncheon, December 15, from 10:00 a.m–1:00 p.m. The panel will highlight the benefits of new-vehicle measuring sessions and SEMA resources for product development. Attendees will also receive a private tour of the SEMA Garage’s all-new CARB-recognized emissions lab, installation center, photography studio, meeting facility and 3D printing solutions. In addition, attendees will witness first-hand live measuring sessions as SEMA hosts three of the most-popular international vehicles, including the ’16 Toyota HiLux double-cab 4x4. Participants will be briefed on the upcoming SEMA-sponsored trip to the Middle East and other programs designed to help SEMA members grow their overseas business. A complimentary lunch will be provided.

To register, please email SEMA Education Director Zane Clark, and include the names, titles and company of all attendees.