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The Intersection of Cars and Car Culture

By SEMA Editors

Scott Bowers
Camilo Pardo
Brandon Boeckmann
Troy Lee
Justin Fishkin

Advanced technologies are driving new design, branding and lifestyle marketing trends. Technology has the power to make, move and reshape markets; however, vehicles are more than technology. They represent who we are. The future of performance and customization is all about connecting vehicles to consumers’ lifestyles and experiences through branding and design. SEMA is the intersection of cars and car culture. Automakers give a car heart; SEMA members give a car soul.

On Wednesday, November 4, from 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m., in rooms N258–N260 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the forum, “Performance Branding and Design: The Intersection of Cars and Car Culture,” moderated by SEMA’s John Waraniak, will bring together successful designers and brand leaders representing a wide spectrum of movers and shakers from both inside and outside the automotive specialty-equipment industry. They will offer valuable insights and ideas for members to create their own successful brands and designs. Attendees will learn how to use design as a competitive advantage and branding as a competitive differentiator to grow and position their products and businesses.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Scott Bowers, Wheel Pros
  • Camilo Pardo, Pardo Designs
  • Brandon Boeckmann, Galpin Auto Sports
  • Troy Lee, Troy Lee Designs
  • Justin Fishkin, Local Motors
  • Al Van Noy, Adidas
Attendance is free but registration is required.