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Street Performance Drives $10 Billion in Sales

 Street Performance Chart
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By Carr Winn

The famous saying for street-performance retailers is “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” It means enthusiasts at a race start to salivate when they see drivers utilizing the latest products and hottest trends to take the checkered flag. As the racecar driver raises his/her trophy and smiles for a photo, the enthusiast crowd is already making plans to head to their local speed shop on Monday. If you’re a retailer in the street-performance segment, or you’re interested in tapping into this $10 billion market, it’s time to download and study the 2015 SEMA Market Report.

The street-performance niche is dedicated to power-boosting applications and the handling components to match. As consumers seek out gear to transform their daily drivers into weekend warriors, street-performance retailers provide the solutions. This includes brake products ($116 million), electrical products ($375 million) and even oil and maintenance chemicals ($745 million).

"Classic musclecars are bringing record prices at auction and current-generation musclecars like the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger are channeling that styling and passion for performance to new-car buyers," said Gavin Knapp, SEMA director of market research. "Performance has become a great selling point for these new cars and the specialty-equipment market fuels that fire, producing and selling more products for this market niche than any other.”

The street-performance niche represents the largest market segment in the specialty-equipment industry. In addition, it grew 14% in 2014, which makes it the leader across all segments. For more information on the street-performance market and other niches, download a copy of the “2015 SEMA Market Report” today.

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