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Retail Spotlight: Velocity Automotive Group

Catering to a small niche market in Europe for the past 10 years, Velocity Automotive Group, based in Munich, imports and distributes parts from more than 500 manufacturers for American performance cars and trucks. This particular niche revolves around the Mustang, which is wildly popular in America but not nearly as common in Europe. However, according to Johannes Crepon, the company’s owner, the American performance market in Europe is still exciting because it’s so diverse. The customer base ranges from aging enthusiasts who have always dreamed of owning and restoring a vintage Mustang to Millennials who prefer late-model Camaros, Corvettes and Ram trucks.

Velocity’s assorted offerings include repair, performance, restoration and custom modification parts. Some of the company’s best-selling parts are light modifications for late-model cars, brakes and suspension upgrades and other small modifications that enhance a car’s performance and appearance. The retailer is currently working to extend its portfolio to be able to serve all cars and trucks.