Global Update

How to Obtain a Visa and Other Top Questions From International Buyers

 SEMA Show Floor 2014
The SEMA Show features a number of programs and services to make the SEMA Show experience for international buyers as easy and efficient as possible.

By Becca Butler

Exhibitors are able to meet and connect with buyers from more than 130 countries during their four days at the SEMA Show. Show organizers welcome international buyers and have a number of programs and services to make their SEMA Show experience as easy and efficient as possible.

While comprehensive information for international attendees is available at, some of the most common questions from international visitors are below: 

Question: What do I need to register for the SEMA Show?

Answer: In order to qualify to attend the SEMA Show, you must work within the specialty-equipment aftermarket industry. You will be asked to submit qualifying materials showing your proof of involvement with the trade. This may include a business card, business license, tax registration certificate or business registration, recent paycheck stub, and/or business photo ID. Online attendee registration is $25 if registered before Friday, October 16. After that date, the price increases to $75 per person.

Question: I need a visa to enter the U.S. How can I get a letter of invitation?

Answer: The first step to receiving a letter of invitation for an international visa is to begin the SEMA Show registration process at From the “attendee registration” link, click on the “need a visa letter.” You will then be asked to fill out some additional information. Once completing the registration process, the visa letter will be sent to the email listed on your registration. Those who have already registered and did not request a visa letter can access their registration through their confirmation email which will take them to the dashboard where they can select “I need a visa letter.” For questions, contact International Customer Service at +1-224-563-3143. Note: You must complete the entire registration process before the visa letter can be sent, and the letter may only be made for the individual’s name and company name in his or her registration record.

Question: When is the last day for me to register online and still receive my badge in the mail?

Answer: The deadline for international attendees to register online and receive their badge in the mail is September 17. Those who register online after the deadline and receive a confirmation email with a barcode, may pick up their badge on-site at the express registration kiosks in the Paradise lobby of the Westgate. If you are registering on-site, or did not receive your barcode, there will be an international registration area located next to general registration at the Westgate.

Question: Where can I go for help with registration?

Answer: The online registration site for the SEMA Show provides comprehensive information for international visitors in seven different languages. An international travel support tab is also available to assist buyers with logistics of their travel. For further assistance, contact International Customer Service at +1-224-563-3143.

Question: Once arriving at the SEMA Show, are their resources targeted to international attendees?

Answer: Yes, international attendees can visit the Center of International Commerce (CIC) which features interpreters, private meeting rooms, staff and amenities to make it easy for international buyers to work efficiently and effectively.

The 2015 SEMA Show is taking place November 3–6, in Las Vegas. For more information, visit