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Tips To Help Your Company Increase Consumer Awareness

By Becca Butler

  Media Consumer Outreach
Whether its face-to-face, through a press release or a local paper, provide reporters with reasons to cover your company and products now.

Looking for ways to reach more consumers and customers? Ever want to see a product from your company in the news?

During July, editors and reporters are looking for stories related to summer and warm weather. In fact, thousands of articles highlighting must-have auto products for the summer have already appeared in publications across the country.  

SEMA members that manufacture, sell or install products that are especially useful during the summer months may consider outreach to their local media to pitch a story focused on this topic. While media interest will vary based on a number of factors, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make it timely. Give reporters a reason to cover your story now. Review current news stories and use that information to offer a product or story that fits what is trending. As an example, if the weather is unusually hot and you have a product that is ideal to use in hot weather, make that connection for the reporter. Summer storms? Provide a product useful in rain or mud.
  • Do your research. Ensure you are reaching out to the right reporter at your local paper. Don’t reach out to the sports editor for a story on the latest performance accessory. Typically, reporters in the metro, lifestyle or business section are the ones to contact.
  • Provide product reviews. If you have a unique product, be able to provide it to the reporter for review. Don’t offer a product that is still in production. Oftentimes, if they are interested, a reporter will want to physically see it or be able to use it.
  • Provide materials. If the product is too large to give to a reporter, have recent photos or video of the product. Don’t use a rendering.
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