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SEMA Garage: Mid-Year Update and What's Up Next

By Chad Simon

  Seventy SEMA-member manufacturers participated in the ’16 Nissan Titan Measuring Session at the SEMA Garage last month, making it one of the most widely attended sessions to date. Through this program, the SEMA Garage gives member businesses access to specialized high-tech tools and equipment they need to get their products to market faster.

Since January 2015, the SEMA Garage has hosted 184 member manufacturers for 20 different Measuring Sessions, bringing in some of the most highly anticipated vehicles of the year, including the ’16 Nissan Titan XD powered by Cummins.

Two more Measuring Sessions are currently scheduled for the month of June. They include the ’16 Ford Explorer Sport 2.3L EcoBoost, which will be available June 15–19 at the SEMA Garage, and the ’16 Hyundai Tucson, which will be on hand June 29–30 at Hyundai’s Western Region Training Garage in Fountain Valley, California.

“The SEMA Garage often secures vehicles while still under embargo and even in the pre-production stages,” said SEMA Senior Director of OEM Relations Jim Moore. “This is key to ensuring our members have the opportunity to deliver product into the market at the same time an OEM delivers a new vehicle to the showroom floor.” 

Each year, SEMA members introduce thousands of cutting-edge tools and accessories, many of which have model-specific applications that require research and development. Through the Measuring Sessions program, the SEMA Garage gives member businesses access to $2 million worth of special high-tech tools and equipment they need to get their products to market faster and more efficiently.

“SEMA Garage Measuring Sessions are a vital step in bringing the world’s best aftermarket accessories to market,” Moore said. “To ensure these products fit well and work correctly, nothing beats the opportunity to get hands-on with today’s newest and most exciting vehicles.” 

These sessions attract manufacturers of a wide range of parts and accessories, including fender flares, suspension, air intakes, exhaust, brakes and wheels, audio equipment, grilles, engine components, truck bed covers, side steps, running boards, seat covers and more.

Previous Measuring Sessions, many of which were held at the SEMA Garage, included: the ’15 Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang EcoBoost; ’15 Chevy Colorado; ’15 Ford F-150; ’15 Chevy Silverado; ’16 Ford Explorer; ’16 Honda HR-V; ’16 Nissan Titan XD; ’16 Scion iA and iM; and ’16 Toyota Tacoma.

Also, through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, SEMA embarked on a national tour—which ended last month—providing members access to four accessory-friendly vehicles popular overseas but not sold in the United States. They included the ’12 Toyota HiLux, ’13 Ford Ranger T6, ’14 Mitsubishi L200 and ’14 UAZ Hunter.

The 15,000-sq.-ft. SEMA Garage, located in Diamond Bar, California, opened its doors in 2013, and is now in the process of undergoing some major upgrades and renovations, scheduled to be completed by August 2015. In addition to Measuring Sessions, the following resources currently are or will be available to members:

For more information regarding the SEMA Garage and its resources, or to find out which vehicles will be featured in future SEMA-member Measuring Sessions, visit or contact Jim Moore at