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Research Study Confronts Myths About Millennials and Cars

By SEMA Editors

Viacom’s MTV division has released a new research study that explores the habits of Millennials and their emotional and practical relationship with vehicles and driving. According to the company, the research study, "Millennials Have Drive," explores the differences between Millennials' and previous generations' definition of success, what roles cars play and how the automobile industry can better reach and interact with these drivers.

The study was released at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention and Expo 2015. Key points from the study include an increase in young people's passion for cars and car ownership—with 3 in 4 young people agreeing they would rather give up social media for a day than their car—and 72% agreeing they would rather give up texting for a week than their car.

Read the executive summary of the "Millennials Have Drive" study.