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New Web Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success

By SEMA Editors

Businesses looking to evaluate the return on their efforts in web and social-media marketing can take heart: There are scores of analytical tools available that can precisely show them how well their campaigns are doing.

In social media, those just getting started in analytics would do well to check out Hootsuite ( A powerful social-media dashboard that allows users to manage all of their postings and other activities on all of the major social-media networks, Hootsuite is also packed with a wide variety of analytical tools that show how well you’re doing on social media.

“Hootsuite is a great place to start,” said Brendan Chard, president of web design company The Modern Firm. “It helps businesses save time by letting them manage and post from all of their accounts in one central place. It also provides really nifty analytics reports that show the effectiveness of your social-media efforts, including visits to your website, social shares and even new contacts/leads as a result of social media.”