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Impress Your Boss—5 Show Sessions to Improve Your Performance

By Michael Hart

The SEMA Show Education Days theme this year is “Recalibrate!”

The 2014 SEMA Show is a little more than two months away. You know you want to go. But how do you convince your boss it’s worth your time away from the store?

Easy! Tell him or her about these five SEMA Education Days sessions you’ll be attending and how much more value you’ll bring back to the business!

  • Start with “So That’s Where the Money Goes?” A financial statement can be a hard thing to plow through. Sure, you know what sales were like and where your money went. But do you understand it well enough to make the strategic decisions that owners and store managers have to make? Here’s a good place to start.
  • Then move on to “Get Your Motor Running.” If you want to be more productive in your job and business, this is the session to go to. Here’s the place to identify the areas where maybe you slack off a little and get some solid tips about how to be productive and not accept excuses…even from yourself!
  • Next up: “Everything Starts and Stops With Motivation: Displaying Dynamic Motivation in Your Business.” Here’s a little tip about what Doug Dvorak is going to tell you: “Businesses don’t do business, people do!” And with competition as fierce as it is, keeping your staff motivated and on the right track is one of the most important jobs anybody in your company will do.
  • Delve a little deeper into the people part of your business with “Succession Planning: Building the Next Generation of Leaders for Your Business and Industry.” Developing the next generation of leaders in your industry and your company is paramount if you want to stay competitive. Who are going to be tomorrow’s managers? Who in your company is up for facing the challenges of the future?
  • And, finally, what are those future challenges going to be? Gene Marks will talk about “The 10 Economic, Political and Tech Trends That Will Affect Your Business Tomorrow.” In this interactive presentation, he will explain what today’s winning companies are doing to ensure they’re earning big profits tomorrow—and how you can ensure your company is one of those planning ahead.

SEMA Education Days will feature more than 60 educational sessions in 12 different tracks, ranging from new-vehicle technology to best business practices to marketing strategies and emerging trends in the industry. The complete schedule of SEMA Show Education courses and educational events is available at