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SEMA Market Research Reveals UTV Purchase Patterns

By SEMA Editors

Powersports: UTV Accessorization report
The use of UTVs has grown dramatically over the past 10 years. SEMA's “Powersports: UTV Accessorization” report highlights the existing opportunities in the utility task vehicle (UTV) market for a range of specialty-equipment companies.

Did you know 82% of UTV owners have purchased or plan to purchase upgrades to their vehicle? This means more than 410,000 households in the United States buy UTV accessories with the average accessorizer spending $1,700 on these parts.

With growth in powersports and crossover into other automotive sectors, the UTV market offers potential for many SEMA members. In fact, SEMA research shows more than one-third of automotive accessory enthusiasts may own a powersports vehicle. Understanding these types of purchase patterns allows companies to more easily identify and reach buyers who are interested in their own products.

Learn more about your customers and crossover opportunities by reading SEMA’s “Powersports: UTV Accessorization” report. Members are invited to download a free copy at