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411 Customer Service: Eight Words That Can Kill the Deal

By Zane Clark

Nancy Friedman
Information calls? Well not quite. But you will get customer service information you will be able to use immediately and forever. Nancy Friedman—the Telephone Doctor and a favorite SEMA conference speaker—brings you the "Eight Killer Words in Just 20 Minutes"—don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for questions.

Some words are conversation distractions. They can confuse, annoy and stop a conversation. When that happens it can be difficult to get back on track. Plan on attending Friedman’s webinar as she runs through the words that can kill the deal. You’ll wish you'd had the alternative words sooner—you’d have saved a lot of sales. Don't miss this appointment to hear from the Telephone Doctor.

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A six-time SEMA speaker, Nancy Friedman returns to us once again to entertain, engage, excite, educate and motivate our audiences. Born and raised in Chicago, she and her family now live in St. Louis, where they run Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training. She is a much sought-after conference and corporate meeting speaker on sales and customer service and author of eight books on sales and customer service. She, along with her son and husband David and Dick, offer seven divisions of Telephone Doctor to help companies communicate better with their customers. Her high energy and humorous presentation is a highlight at all meetings, and SEMA members keep asking for her to come back. Friedman can be reached at 314-291-1012 or at the Telephone Doctor website,