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Reach Mass Consumers Through Product Placement

By Della Domingo

Mark McFann
Product placement in television and film may be an effective way to increase general awareness and reach new customers, particularly customers who may not be hardcore auto enthusiasts. To help SEMA members decide if product placement is right for their companies, the SEMA Education Institute (SEI) is hosting a webinar entitled, “So, You Want to Be in Pictures? A Guide to Product Placement in Film,” next week, February 20, from 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (PST).
The live, online program will address issues specific to auto parts manufacturers and offer insight from industry expert Mark McFann. McFann is principal owner and managing director of Cast a Long Shadow (a firm specializing in entertainment marketing), as well as the former vice president of sales and marketing for Royal Purple (where he secured product placements in dozens of shows).
Participation in all SEMA webinars is free of charge to SEMA members, and $29 for non-SEMA members. During the live webinar, participants will be able to listen to and submit questions for McFann. A recording of the session will be available to those unable to participate live.
Register now. For more details, contact SEMA Education Director Zane Clark at 909-978-6743.