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Hot Rod Magazine Launches New Digital Publication for Technicians

By SEMA Editors

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Hot Rod magazine's new digital publication and website—Hot Rod Professional—is aimed at the professional technician.

Hot Rod magazine has launched a new digital magazine and website aimed at the professional technician—Hot Rod Professional. The semi-monthly digital publication will be published six times per year with new online content posted on a weekly basis. In addition, the new website will incorporate the entire tech library from the Master Technician and Import Service magazine archives.

Master Technician Online’s Chris Ayers helped develop Hot Rod Professional and will serve as the editor-in-chief of both the digital publication and the accompanying website. Hot Rod Publisher Jeff Dahlin will oversee the Hot Rod Professional brand and remarked, “With Hot Rod Professional, we can offer the professional technician a stream of hands-on performance enhancement information as well as the industry intelligence and opinions that are impacting an evolving performance market.”

Offered for free to those who register at, the publication will be released every 60 days and delivered in a digital format that will include enhanced media content, such as videos, active surveys and interactive graphics. The web site itself will contain content drawn from the digital magazine as well as frequent updates related to the professional automotive repair and performance communities.

“We’ve been able to initiate contact with a pool of 80,000 professional technicians and mechanics nationwide, so we’re already plugged in to our target audience,” according to Dahlin.

The first edition of Hot Rod Professional will be released August 1, 2013. Future issues will be made available in October and December of this year, and the every-other-month production schedule will continue into 2014.

For more information, visit Hot Rod Professional's website.