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SEMA Members: Unleash the Power of Consumer Financing

By SEMA Editors

SEMA members have a powerful resource available in their benefit arsenal that provides access to consumer information and can be used to develop marketing programs, increase customer loyalty and bolster sales. The resource is the CarCareONE credit program available through a partnership with GE Capital Retail Bank.

Knowing more about your customers is key to generating leads and referrals—two major factors in boosting sales and encouraging repeat business. Referencing payment options, such as GE Capital Retail Bank's CarCareONE program, helps to maximize sales opportunities, cultivate positive word-of-mouth and generate a greater volume of marketing data to assist with target marketing campaigns.

It all starts with the application process. Here's how it works:

  • Preferred Customers – When customers apply for the consumer financing program, they become "preferred customers." Companies can then do what is needed to make the customer feel special, such as sending them a birthday card; allowing them early access to special sales; provide rewards for referrals; hold product drawings or giveaways for specific customer groups; etc. Creating this type of customer interaction is the bridge to building loyal, repeat customers.
  • Available Credit – Customers who finance usually have the money available on their account to buy additional items, or they may spend more money by opting for the better model of a desired product.
  • Participating CarCareONE locations have access to their preferred customer list with available credit at
CarCareONE's Consumer Financing Program is one of the many benefits available to SEMA members. Tap into the marketing intelligence that is available through CareCareONE and use that information to generate loyal, repeat customers.

Companies that don't currently offer a financing program are encouraged to contact the GE Capital Retail Bank's National Sales Team at 866-209-4457 and find out how better relationships are built using consumer financing.