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SEMA's Nancy Lund Announces Retirement After 18 Years

  Nancy Lund Retirement, SEMA
SEMA Receptionist Nancy Lund has served as the first point of contact for members and businesses calling or visiting the Association since 1995. Lund will retire on Friday, March 22. 

By Jason Catullo

On Friday, March 22, SEMA Receptionist Nancy Lund will begin the next chapter in her life and retire, happily exchanging her handset and computer for rest and free time. Chances are, SEMA members who have called or contacted the Association over the past 18 years are familiar with Nancy's kind voice and energizing attitude. Lund has served as SEMA's receptionist and first point of contact for members and businesses calling or visiting the Association since 1995.

"My time at SEMA has meant more to me than I could have ever imagined, and I've made many friends in this building and at member businesses," said an excited Lund. "I will miss the day-to-day interaction and the energy of SEMA Show time, but I am looking forward to enjoying my retirement and spending time with my family."

Just as SEMA members are conditioned to switch to SEMA-Show mode when summer hits, the SEMA staff makes that same switch. For years, Lund's responsibility was to facilitate and manage the Manufacturers' Rep Center at the annual Show. While the center has since been moved to the SEMA Members Lounge, Lund's efforts and professionalism were always praised by members of the Manufacturers' Rep Council (now known as the Manufacturers' Rep Network.)

"Nancy has always gone the extra mile for the rep group ever since the beginning of my involvement and even before that, when my dad was part of the council's Select Committee," stated Thomas Jourdan of True High Performance Sales. "While she will be missed and her enthusiasm hard to replace, we wish Nancy a relaxing retirement full of family and good times."

SEMA members who would like to send Nancy Lund well wishes in her upcoming retirement are encouraged to send her an e-mail at