Volunteer and Make a Difference—SEMA Council Nominations Open

By Arlene Wood

SEMA's council leaders.
Nominations for a Select Committee seat on one of SEMA's councils and member networks are now open.

Do you have a business challenge that goes beyond the walls of your shop? See a change in the market that needs to be made? Have an idea but need some industry muscle to make it happen? Then it may be time for you to volunteer to be an industry leader and make your voice heard.

The Select Committee serves as the volunteer leadership body for the entire membership of a specific council or network. These volunteers are in tune with their market and have the drive needed to influence change. Elected volunteers are entrusted to direct SEMA resources toward building solutions to matters facing the industry, benefits and opportunities that help companies succeed and prosper. 
There are currently 10 council and network groups within SEMA, and each represents a collection of SEMA members who share a common business purpose or market segment. Councils work to identify related business goals, issues and challenges that require a special focus by the association.

Find out who is currently involved in SEMA's councils and networks and follow the link to the group that supports your interests.

Get started now by using the online council nominations form; it's quick and easy to complete, and no printing or faxing is required. All nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. (PDT) March 22, 2013.

For more information on SEMA's councils and committees or the nomination and election process, contact Arlene Wood at