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Movers & Shakers: LeMay Receives 1964 Buick Wildcat and Ferrambo; Maradyne's Fred Garza to Present Seminar at Hotrod Show

Compiled and Edited by SEMA Staff

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The custom-made Ferrambo, donated to LeMay Museum by Mike Warn of Warn Industries, is part '60 Rambler and part Ferrari.

LeMay Receives ’64 Buick Wildcat Prototype and Ferrambo
LeMay — America's Car Museum
recently announced to new donations: a ’64 Buick Wildcat prototype and the Ridler Award-winning hot-rod Ferrambo. Both vehicles now join the museum's collection of more than 300 cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The custom-made Ferrari Red Ferrambo, donated by Mike Warn of Pacific Northwest-based Warn Industries, is part ’60 Rambler and part Ferrari (hence the name Ferrambo). Warn said he wanted to create a car that combined American engineering and strength with European style and performance. In 2008, Warn’s brainchild, which took him more than two years to construct, captured the Ridler Award at Detroit’s Autorama, driving the car’s estimated value to $750,000.

The keys to the ’64 Buick Wildcat prototype were handed to ACM President and CEO David Madeira by museum member Paul Ianuario. General Motors designed the Wildcat to complement the Corvette, but the fiberglass-bodied performance car never went into production, making Ianuario’s prototype extremely rare. With a 401 Nailhead V8 hot-rod motor and only 3,893 miles, the Wildcat is also valued at $750,000. 

Strattec Redesigns Website, Adds Vehicle-Match Database  
Strattec Security Corp. has updated its website to include a new design, vehicle-match database and section for distributors. Available at, the website includes detailed descriptions of BOLT products, and a "How It Works" tutorial video demonstrating BOLT's One-Key Lock Technology. The site also features a vehicle-match database that allows users to see all of the different lock types that will fit their specific vehicle.

  illumaware, fmi automotive, lemay museum, 1964 Buick Wildcat, Ferrambo
Maradyne High Performance Fans' National Sales Manager Fred Garza will present the seminar, "Static Pressure and Why It's Important," during the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show.
Maradyne's Fred Garza to Present Seminar at Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show
Maradyne High Performance Fans
' National Sales Manager Fred Garza will present the seminar, "Static Pressure and Why It's Important," during the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show in Indianapolis. Scheduled for Thursday, March 14, from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m., Garza will offer an explanation of operating CFM through the use of static pressure charts and clarify how you can tell if a fan will really keep your hot rod cool. Garza has been employed by Maradyne High Performance Fans for nearly a decade, rising from field sales representative selling DC Motors, axial fans and radial blowers for the OEM mobile HVAC industry to national sales manager. 

B.R.A.K.E.S. 2013 Courses Begin This Weekend
(Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe) announced that it will conduct its first Teen Pro-Active Driving Course of 2013, Saturday and Sunday, February 23–24, at the zMax Dragway in Concord, North Carolina. The course teaches teenage motorists greater concentration, confidence and command behind the wheel through a program of five challenging exercises taught by a team of accomplished, professional instructors. 

“This year, we’re going to be pretty busy as our driving school schedule continues to expand,” said Doug Herbert, B.R.A.K.E.S. founder. “We enter each year with a feeling of excitement and anticipation, knowing how B.R.A.K.E.S. is helping to make teens better and safer drivers—and that translates into saving the lives of these kids by giving them the kind of skills they just can’t learn anywhere else.” Registration and information are available at

Illumaware  and FMI Automotive Form Partnership
FMI Automotive
has signed an agreement with Illumaware LLC through which Illumaware will maintain FMI Automotive aftermarket data in Evokat—a 100% online software tool. FMI aftermarket data will be presented electronically in a custom-branded catalog with year/make/model lookup and product information for its distribution, jobber and professional service technician customers to access.

“Our new partnership with Illumaware will make it easier and more efficient for our customers to access information about the FMI premium performance water pump line,” said Lee. “We selected Evokat because of its ease of use, increased speed to market capabilities, monthly validation to the latest AAIA standards and the productivity achieved through Evokat’s direct ACES to print capability.” 

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