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How Companies Can Utilize Financing to Close More Sales

Edited By SEMA Staff

Starting off 2013 with your sales idling instead of driving forward? A third-party financing program can jumpstart your automotive equipment sales through an easy-to-use leasing solution customized to fit your customers’ budgetary constraints and growing needs. Bill Purcell of TIP Capital and the SEMA Education Institute will host this informative webinar. Purcell will explain how fixed-rate financing has become the popular choice in the B2B marketplace to acquire automotive equipment instead of a straight cash purchase or bank loan in today’s fluctuating economic conditions.

Join Purcell Thursday, February 21, at 10:00 a.m. (PST) to learn:

  • Why more than 55% of American businesses choose leasing to acquire the equipment they need.
  • How to utilize monthly terms and purchase options to offer a competitive pricing quote versus cash.
  • How user-friendly and customized the financing process has become for equipment manufacturers.
  • How one manufacturer increased its financing sales 168% during a four-year period.

Purcell, a 30-year veteran in equipment financing, will break down the entire process, answer any questions and show automotive manufacturers, builders and WDs how a leasing program provides a viable option to help increase your profits.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about equipment financing solutions available for your business.

Participate live or download the webinar when it's convenient. Registration is free for everyone.