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Accelerate Sales and Profits With Vehicle Accessorization

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The Professional Restylers Organization's “Fast Track to Accessorization” flyer is geared towards helping dealer principles better understand how accessories can increase their sales and profitability. The flyer is intended as a tool for companies to use to expand their business portfolios to include dealer accessory sales.

Does your current business model include Dealer Accessory sales?  Would you like to expand your portfolio by selling to new and used car dealers? The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), a SEMA Council has developed several critical business tools that can help you do just that.  Below is an excerpt from PRO’s “Fast Track to Accessorization” flyer that is provided FREE to PRO members and is geared towards helping Dealer principles better understand how accessories can increase their sales and profitability…

“Things are looking up. Customers are easing back into the market, sparking slow but steady sales growth. But a measure of uncertainty lingers. Fuel prices are spiking. Inventories are tight. Light-duty truck sales are soft. Now more than ever dealers need to find new ways to maximize gross profit on every vehicle they sell and gain a competitive edge with products that drive up sales and keep customers coming back for more.

It’s all about implementing innovative strategies to attract new buyers and create high-margin profit centers throughout your dealership. And now is the time to discover untapped opportunities to dramatically increase sales and profits—and earn your share of a multi-billion dollar market—through vehicle accessorization.

Consider the facts:

  • Vehicle accessorization is big business—Call it restyling, customizing or accessorizing. The specialty-equipment industry generates $28.6 billion-a-year in direct retail sales. And a notable 40 percent share of the total market—$11.09 billion—comes from sales of auto and truck accessories. High-profit personalization products your customers want—and that you could be selling.*
  • Accessories influence vehicle purchases—It’s a fact. Consumers who see accessories on display at new-car dealerships are more inclined to purchase a specific model simply because it’s been customized. Even more impressive: Accessories influence more than one million new-vehicle sales each year.*
  • Consumers spend big bucks on accessories—Style-conscious consumers—willing to pay a premium for personalized vehicles—typically spend $1,000 to $3,500 per vehicle annually on accessories—after the sale. That leaves a lot of money on the table. Money they should be spending at your dealership.

They buy appearance and performance enhancements. Mobile electronics. Custom wheels and tires. They’ll buy them from you if you have them. Or from somebody else if you don’t.”

If you are a PRO member and would like to order copies the “Fast Track to Accessorization” flyer, or if you would like to learn more about getting involved in PRO, contact Zane Clark at 909-978-6696.