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TORA and SEI Announce Product Training Center

The SEMA Product Training Center allows manufacturers to provide product training to hundreds or even thousands of resellers throughout the industry.

Aftermarket manufacturers now have a new tool to help spur sales—the SEMA Product Training Center. A joint effort of the Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) and the SEMA Education Institute (SEI), this new program allows manufacturers to efficiently and effectively provide product training to hundreds or even thousands of resellers throughout the industry for what they might spend to educate only a few using traditional means.

Each training module is built from content supplied by the manufacturer with the salesperson in mind. Everyone involved will be able to track each employee's progress and product knowledge once they have completed the first module.

“Manufacturers that keep customers informed continue to grow, and now a consistent and effective solution has been developed to help you train salespeople economically,” said TORA Chairman George Lathouris. “By using this results-based format, the learning experience is consistent and effective for salespeople. We’re excited to offer this program to the entire industry.”

The TORA helped develop this web-based training solution to complement each manufacturer’s existing training while keeping costs down. Companies may purchase 15- or 30-minute online training modules, which will be produced by eLearning consultant Ability Performance Solutions. The training modules will then be housed on SEI’s learning management system and promoted to the entire selling community.

The SEMA Product Training Center is designed to be easy to use and includes simple enrollment. For more information or to sign up for a training module, visit the SEMA Product Training Center.

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