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Meeting Slots Still Available at the SEMA Data Co-op Booth

Look for the red-and-black entry and go up the stairs to the SDC's spacious, quiet room for a personal consultation and demo.

Do you manufacture, distribute or sell specialty automotive parts? Of course you do! Then don't miss the opportunity to meet with the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) in booth #20579 and learn how great data sells more parts. 

From beginner to expert, the SDC will show you how joining the industry's definitive centralized data repository will put you in charge of your product data management at the lowest possible cost. Benefits include a full-time live help desk, state-of-the-art data-management tools, safe and secure storage and hassle-free data distribution to all of your customers. 

With the SDC, suppliers own their data 100%, and individual receivers get unlimited data feeds from all approved suppliers for just $100 per month. Sign up before remaining meeting times are filled.