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2012 SEMA Show Mobile Electronics Seminars

New Cars, New Techniques – Are You Ready?

It’s no secret that cars today are more electronically complex than ever before. It is enough to baffle even the most seasoned car enthusiast. Appearance, suspension and engine upgrades have always been mechanical in nature so the experienced touch of a technician’s hand is always reassuring to achieve a great final aftermarket upgrade. Electronic upgrades, particularly those related to comfort and entertainment, are not as easily achieved. The question is: Are you ready? If you find yourself having difficulty making sense of how to approach today’s modern vehicles to achieve better sound, add safety and convenience upgrades and expand the enjoyment for both drivers and passengers, you don’t want to miss any of the Mobile Electronics Education Sessions taking place Tuesday, October 30, and Wednesday, October 31, at the 2012 SEMA Show.

Here’s a look at a few can’t miss sessions:

Car Audio Mythbusters: Robust Business in the Aftermarket Is Easier Than You Might Think
Presented by: Andy Wehmeyer, Global Product Line Manager at Harman Consumer Group
Tuesday, October 30, 9:30am-10:30am (Room N257, upstairs in North Hall)

Andy Wehmeyer is a consummate audio guru, but you will find his knowledge of complex car audio topics blends seamlessly with his ability to convey business-minded, solution-based approaches to selling and installing car audio products. It’s an opportunity in your business with the right mindset and skills. Believe it or not, it’s an underserved market. Andy will bust some common myths and show you how to make car audio a part of your business and keep your customers pleased with the results. Do not miss this important car audio business-focused session.

Adding Integrated Electronics to Today’s Complex Dashboards
Presented by: Derek Schmiedl, Chief Operating Officer at NAV-TV
Tuesday, October 30, 1:00pm-2:00pm (Room N257, upstairs in North Hall)

Let vehicle-electronics-integration expert Derek Schmiedl show you how today’s complex dashboards are a source of profit and opportunity, not the nail in the coffin. If you’re seeking a great understanding of how to approach additions such as audio, navigation, video and reverse cameras to modern vehicles, this session is chock full of great content that will change your business. It’s really about embracing integration instead of running away from it. Whether you’re in the car audio business or a vehicle customizer, Derek’s informative session will help guide your car electronics integration path.

Adding Luxury Features to Upgrade Vehicle Enjoyment
Presented by: Jeff Varick, Brandmotion; Pete Kallgren, Rostra
Wednesday, October 31, 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. (Room N257, upstairs in North Hall)

After traversing the SEMA Show, you’ll want to stop in to this informative and (pardon the pun) ‘comfortable’ session about adding luxury features to modern vehicles. Whether you’re a retailer, customizer/restyler, a used- or new-car dealership or an expediter, this session provides the nuts and bolts of the products and the luxury and convenience features that you can add where the factory left off. Whether it’s cruise control, power windows, heated seats or reverse camera systems, Jeff Varick and Pete Kallgren will ramp up your opportunities for keeping happy customers while keeping it profitable in the process.

And don’t forget to come meet Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions in person at the 2012 SEMA Show for his hands-on session entitled Interior and Trim Panel Fabrication Techniques, which will take place Tuesday, October 30, in room N257. There will be live demonstrations in this session!

Check out all the Mobile Electronics Track sessions:

Tuesday, October 30 (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Wednesday October 32 (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)