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Nominate Your HRIA Top Performers Today

Ray Gollahan of Brookville Roadster Inc. won the Hall of Fame Award at last year's HRIA Industry Awards Reception.

Each year, the Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) awards the Industry Recognition of an Individual, Business of the Year, and Hall of Fame honors to the top businesses and individuals for their contributions to the hot-rod sector of the specialty-equipment market. The winners of these awards will be recognized at the 2012 HRIA Industry Awards Reception, October 31, 2012, during the SEMA Show at the Hotel Las Vegas.

To nominate a business or individual for one or more of the 2012 HRIA Awards, please click on the links below for the full award criteria. Award criteria and nomination forms can also be found on the HRIA website.

Business of the Year Award

The HRIA will recognize the company that has provided exceptional service, integrity and business ethics throughout the past year. The Business of the Year should have made a significant contribution and impact on the hot-rod industry and promoted the hobby as a whole. If you know of a SEMA-member company that fits this profile, please click on the above link and complete the form today.

Industry Recognition Award of an Individual

The HRIA Industry Recognition of an Individual is a person who has actively promoted, supported and benefited the hot-rod industry over the past 10 years or more. This individual is generally perceived as a leader in the industry and serves it in a manner that benefits the greater good. If you know of a professional in our industry who fits this profile, please click on the above link and complete the form today.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame award was founded to honor and recognize those outstanding individuals in the hot-rod industry whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness and accomplishments on a national basis have enhanced the status of the industry while significantly contributing to its growth. Think back—whom do you know who should be recognized for a lifetime of contributions to the hot-rod industry?

The deadline for nominations submissions is August 17, 2012. For more information, please contact Arlene Wood at 909-978-6689.