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Motor Trend YouTube Channel Debuts With Eight Original Automotive Programs

Source Interlink Media (SIM) has launched the Motor Trend YouTube Channel making original automotive content available to online audiences immediately. The Motor Trend Channel is part of YouTube’s rollout of approximately 100 new original content channels throughout the year.

The Motor Trend Channel’s programs have been developed to create content from the opportunities and insights offered by SIM’s portfolio of automotive media brands, from Motor Trend to Hot Rod, Motorcyclist, Lowrider, FourWheeler, Dirt Rider, Car Craft, Automobile, Import Tuner and more. The programs cover first rides and drives and tests of the latest two- and four-wheeled machinery, as well as automotive lifestyle and documentary shows.

“We are really treating this like a TV channel,” said SIM Chief Content Officer and Motor Trend Channel Executive Producer Angus MacKenzie. “Though a common thread is our focus on cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and automotive culture, we are offering different content and a range of program formats. There’ll be something on the channel for everyone, regardless of their particular automotive passion.”

A full schedule of programming that includes eight separate shows is expected to be uploaded and available by February 17. New videos from each of the shows will be posted on a varying schedule, but there will be new content available every day, Monday through Friday.

Motor Trend’s new programming will be produced by Michael Suggett and Julia Sanchez with MacKenzie serving as executive producer. Jim Gleason will assume the role of creative manager.

Motor Trend Channel original programming will include:


  • A weekly five-minute show featuring first drives and first tests of the hottest new cars, trucks and SUVs from around the world. New episodes uploaded every Monday.

Head 2 Head

  • Motor Trend Channel’s comparison test series focusing on performance vehicles and fast motorcycles. New episodes uploaded every other Wednesday beginning February 8.


  • A feature-length, 22-minute program following the exploits of Hot Rod’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they continue their love/hate relationship with hot rods, street machines and other highly strung performance vehicles. New episodes uploaded every third Friday beginning February 17.

Wide Open Throttle

  • A five-minute weekly roundup of automotive news and events from around the world. The show is hosted and presented from a unique studio environment, and includes segments from channel experts on location from around the globe. New episodes uploaded every Thursday.

On Two Wheels

  • This show features first rides and first tests of the newest and hottest motorcycles from around the world. Presented by experts from Motor Trend channel’s portfolio of motorcycling  brands, including Motorcyclist and Dirt Rider, it delivers the most complete and in-depth coverage of all types of two-wheeled machines. New episodes uploaded every other Wednesday.

Hot Rod Unlimited

  • Hot Rod Unlimited is where anything goes in the world of American performance cars. Every other Friday the show features subjects as varied as those in Hot Rod magazine, including muscle cars, street machines, hot rods, wild trucks and more. New episodes uploaded every other Friday beginning February 10.

Epic Drives

  • A feature-length program featuring amazing road trips from around the world. This monthly 22-minute show visits interesting locations in interesting cars. New episodes uploaded the first Friday of each month.

The Downshift

  • The Downshift airs fascinating stories on interesting personalities and incredible machinery from beyond the automotive mainstream. The show celebrates the diversity of cars and car culture from extreme off-roading, drifting import cars, lowriders and action sport stars who love cars. New episodes uploaded every Tuesday.