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ORBA Exploring Options to Preserve the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Trust

The Off-Road Business Association Inc. (ORBA) reports that it has been exploring options for the protection of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) trust since July 2011, along with its strategic partners AMA District36, AMA District37, the American Sand Association and the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs through the use of its registered state lobbyist Aaron Reed and Associates.

The OHMVR, established to provide accessibility to off-highway recreation and provide a variety of services and benefits to California residents and visitors, operates on an $85 million per year budget comprised primarily of gas tax and, according to ORBA, about 20% from the sale of Green Stickers.

The state borrowed $10 million in gas tax from the budget before it reached the OHMVR trust earlier this year, according to Fred Wiley of ORBA, and the removal of the funds will continue indefinitely.  

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