Global Update

SEMA Manufacturers: Tap In to Middle East Passion for American Muscle

American classic cars and late-model musclecars have huge and loyal followings in the Middle East. There is brisk business in supplying products to meet consumer demand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)—the gateway to the region—and surrounding countries. Exciting opportunities to supply those engaged in car collecting, off roading and upgrades for street performance vehicles—to name a few of the fastest growing niches—is driving interest for the 2012 SEMA Middle East one-on-one matchmaking event in the UAE.

Join SEMA members traveling to the region for meetings with pre-vetted buyers from throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar in a day-long series of face-to-face meetings and networking events, April 17–20.

Explore opportunities for your company and, for a limited time, take advantage of a $1,000 grant from the U.S. government to defray the costs of participating for all qualifying companies. 

Registration is available online.   

For more information, contact Linda Spencer at