Global Update

Meet With Top Buyers From Throughout the Middle East

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  Participating SEMA manufacturers of the inaugural SEMA Middle East Business Development Conference will have one-on-one meetings with pre-vetted distributors.
Sell into the Middle East—one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Launch your expansion there by participating in the inaugural SEMA Middle East Business Development Conference, April 17–20, 2012, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Participating SEMA manufacturers will meet one-on-one with pre-vetted distributors and have plenty of networking opportunities. Explore your product potential in a region characterized as one of the most passionate global car-enthusiast markets with the discretionary funds to pursue their hobby.

Due to a partnership with the U.S. government, participants will have the chance to meet with buyers from throughout the UAE as well as buyers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, who will be in attendance as part of U.S. Embassy-led delegations. Sign up now for one of the limited slots now.

Another benefit to this U.S. Department of Commerce partnership with SEMA is a $1,000 grant to reduce the participation costs for those firms whose products promoted at the SEMA Middle East Business Conference contain a minimum of 51% U.S. content.

For more information on this one-on-one program, or to find out if you qualify for the U.S. government subsidy, contact Linda Spencer at