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GM Project Vehicles Available—Plan Your Proposal Here

General Motors is currently accepting proposals for companies interested in developing a GM-based project vehicle for the 2011 SEMA Show. The automaker recommends submitting proposals early for preferential consideration, but no later than May 11, 2011.

The Chevrolet Cruze is a key passenger car to be considered for GM's Project Vehicle Program for the 2011 SEMA Show.

The General Motors 2011 SEMA Show strategy for its Project Vehicle Program will focus on passenger-car performance accessories and some pickups with full accessory programs from the accessories market. The Chevrolet Cruze and Camaro Convertible are the key passenger cars to be considered. Other GM product lines will be available in limited quantities within the scope of this program.

Proposals will be reviewed on an individual basis for approval. Three copies of the proposal, including a rendering on 8½ x 11-in. paper (stapled, not bound please) are requested and preferred over e-mailed submissions.

To be considered, proposals must include the four General Motors criteria listed below for content and definition:

  • An introductory letter defining the project vehicle's theme (i.e. appealing to which market segment) and its general content, vehicle-need date and project-completion date.
  • A list of specific system upgrades, including partnered sources, if appropriate. Please use the Excel-formatted “Sheet B,” which will be provided by calling Bob Kern as stated below.
  • A proposed list of intended events, trade shows, publications, etc., where the vehicle will be promoted. Availability for the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is required. Please state where the vehicle will be displayed at the SEMA Show and who will sponsor the vehicle if it is placed in a feature spot. Note that partners are required to promote the vehicle through November 1, 2012. Proposals with guaranteed interior booth space will be given preferred consideration.
  • 8 ½ x 11 color renderings illustrating front/side, and rear appearance (composite ¾ views are acceptable) with the intended color and graphic scheme accurately defined. If the interior will be significantly modified, an interior sketch also is recommended. Preservation of front-end brand identity (divisional emblem and possibly grille features) is mandatory.

SEMA members interested in developing a General Motors project vehicle for the 2011 SEMA Show are encouraged to prepare a project description plan and submit it to:

Bob Kern
SEMA Relations Manager
2382 Browning Dr., Ste. 100
Orion, MI 48360


313/300-9471 (best access)





Please note that quantities for each brand will be limited. Vehicle availability (timing) may vary by brand, depending on start-of-production schedules. It is recommended to submit proposals early for preferential consideration, but no later than May 11, 2011.

Approved projects will be required to be completed no later than October 12, 2011. Build photos may be requested.