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Keep Your Customers Coming Back: Use These Great Unexpected Customer Service Tips

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  Engage yourself with your customers. Listen to what they have to say and provide feedback to address their concerns.
More business is lost due to poor service and treatment than to poor product, according to Nancy Friedman of The Telephone Doctor, who presented the recent SEMA webinar entitled “21 Great Unexpected Customer Service Tips.” They include:

• Say something nice to someone at least once a day.
• When in doubt, leave it out. The six touch points of communication include: e-mail, voicemail, snail mail, phone, fax and face-to-face. If you’re in doubt about whether or not to say something to a customer, leave it out to avoid saying something that could be perceived as negative.
• Don’t ever argue with a customer. You will lose every time. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right; they just think they are.
• Be personable and add a signed and dated note to anything you mail out to a customer.
• Use “we” statements.
• Be the first to say hello and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Build rapport; don’t ever answer a question right away.
• Keep the fences low. Examine the rules you have and make them flexible for your customers.
• Be a double checker.
• We cannot do two things well at once. Choose to do one thing and do it right. Focus on the customer.
• Watch your attitude. Having a great attitude is more important than being in a good mood.
• Respond rapidly to e-mails and phone calls.
• Give a firm handshake to everyone who comes into your store.
• Send thank you notes.
• Use your name and a greeting when answering the phone.
• Listen to your customers and keep an open mind. Don’t interrupt them. Provide feedback.
• It shouldn’t take two people to give good customer service.
• Show empathy and sympathy and know the difference.
• I apologize vs. I’m sorry. Know the difference.
• Be prepared.
• Smile. A phony smile is better than a real frown.

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