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Five Tips to Improve Your Company’s Website

Mobile usage will soon outweigh desktop usage, meaning companies must make it easy for customers to find their websites on mobile devices.
Before you can improve your company’s website, first measure how many unique visitors you have, according to Craig Cervenka from PowerSports Network, who presented the recent SEMA webinar entitled, “Web Site Analysis & Five Tips to Improve Your Website.”

Analyze Your Website

Unique visitors are users who enter your website once per day. How much time do they spend on your website, and does more time mean they cannot find what they are looking for? The idea is to minimize your bounce rate, which are visitors who click on your website and leave immediately. If your website has a high bounce rate, take a look at its navigability, style and design.

Back to the Basics

Don’t forget your basic information, including your name, address and phone number. It should be easy to find out where your company and retail stores are located. Use meta tags, also referred to as keywords or site branding. If you don’t include these, the search engine will create them for you, which is not always a good thing. If you have an online store, is it easy to make purchases? When comparing your store to your competitors, what is the highest common denominator and how close are you to it?

Leverage Social Media

Website content, including photos, descriptions and videos, is still king. Many companies promote their Facebook page instead of their website, yet only 25% of small-business owners use some form of social media. It can be time-consuming, so delegate this responsibility to a younger employee already on your staff.

YouTube is the second-largest utility used for searches on the Internet and can be used for installations, modifications and how-to videos. Create a YouTube video that introduces yourself, your products and the services you offer to your web site visitors and use social media, such as Facebook, as leverage to showcase happy customers. Don’t forget to monitor online forums about the products you sell to see what people are saying about you.

Going Mobile

Mobile usage will soon outweigh desktop usage, so be easily available for customers to find you on their mobile devices. Are you searchable on mobile search engines?

Get Ready for the Holidays

Ensure your website is ready for holiday shoppers. Make it a virtual supermarket. Build a gift registry for your customers and send e-mail blasts to them highlighting some of your products and offer coupons.

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