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Mobile Marketing and Social Media Tactics From the Pros

  Famous Rhodes of eBay Motors (far right) said at the 2010 Business Technology Symposium that 70% of online buyers are do-it-yourself customers.
For the first time since its creation four years ago, SEMA and the Street Performance Council (SPC) have made all of the presentations from the 2010 Business Technology Symposium (BTS) available on one DVD. This professionally filmed and edited DVD is the next-best thing to being at the symposium in person, and it provides members professional insight on how to capitalize on social media trends, company-data organization and current market research techniques.

Are you using geo-location in social media outlets to maximize reach? What about using mobile tagging to tap into the $630 billion of mobile Internet sales that are expected in the next two years? Does your company comply with ACES? These are just some of the topics covered during the BTS. Learn how to answer these questions for the benefit of your business by ordering your DVD.

Complete with matching slides so you can follow along with the presenters and panelists, the presentations can be downloaded for free at The DVD is available for only $19.99 for SPC members and $29.99 for SEMA members. For more information and to order the SPC Business Technology Symposium DVD, follow this link.

Obtain these sessions featured during the BTS to gain the latest tactics and techniques for getting the most from industry research, data standards and social networking.

During the BTS social media sessions, attendees learned that 60% of consumers interacted with companies via social media, and 93% of consumers believed companies should have a presence in that space. Participants also learned that businesses should become involved to improve communications, generate leads and reduce costs. Perhaps most importantly, the many panelists talked about focusing company efforts to improve consumer relations in an open and transparent way to encourage brand trust, enrich the consumer experience and, hopefully, continue on to brand loyalty.

If that is not a compelling case enough for you to attend next year, maybe it should be the 41% who say companies should use social media to solicit feedback about products and services. Reinforcing the idea that companies need to get into the social media space sooner rather than later, 85% of consumers polled say that a company should not only be present but also interact with its customers via social media.

The BTS had panelists giving real-world case studies and data in spades, so don’t miss it the next time around. Remember, people are begging for your company and brand to reach out and make a connection with them. As the saying goes, "strike while the iron is hot," and don’t pass up any opportunity to learn new ways to connect with potential customers. Attending an event such as the BTS can provide tremendous ROI and can help increase your brand equity if you put the tips and tricks that were revealed to good use.