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Northwood University to Launch Automotive Aftermarket MBA Program

Northwood University announced that it will launch the first MBA program designed to address the parallel business challenges and emerging opportunities facing automotive dealership and aftermarket manufacturing and distribution professionals in January 2011.

Offered through Northwood University's DeVos School on Management, the DeVos MBA for automotive professionals, according to the school, is designed to meet the career demands of tomorrow's industry leaders. The 24-month MBA capitalizes on the best of distance and on-site learning environments. While much of the relevant course-related information can be effectively conveyed online, honing the knowledge into powerful strategic skills requires face-to-face exposure with seasoned professors and fellow student-executives from within the vehicle retail and aftermarket segments. The program will feature six four-day on-site sessions at Northwood University's campuses in Midland, Michigan, and West Palm Beach, Florida, as well as convenient travel "hubs" across the United States.

"Economic challenges, globalization and changing consumer behavior are affecting virtually every automotive business, whether a vehicle retailer or aftermarket parts distributor. Students will examine these market forces in an entirely new way and we will challenge participants to identify, discuss and apply innovative strategies that extend beyond traditional competitive boundaries," said Dr. Tim Nash, vice president, strategic and corporate alliances, Northwood University.

For more information regarding the DeVos MBA for automotive professionals, visit or call Matthew Bennett, director of admissions, DeVos Graduate School of Management, at 800/622-9000.