Optimize Your Accessories Program at 2010 SEMA Show Dealer Day

dealer day
Dealer Day 2010 will offer insights, tools and suggested practices for dealerships to integrate and optimize an accessory program.

Dealerships continue to face many challenges and are constantly reassessing how and where they allocate their budgets. The existing landscape confronting dealers requires, more than ever, stringent expense control, profit optimization and product diversification. Integrating a fully operational accessory program can go a long way in addressing these vital areas.

The past several years have spurred an important shift in the way accessories are packaged and sold. Consumers today are more price conscious and less apt to purchase items they feel are a luxury. Value is the key. As such, it is important for dealers to focus on package options that carry a perceived value. The consumer will be more likely to make a “want-based” purchase if they feel as if they are getting bang for their buck.

In this respect, aftermarket packages can be used to offset expensive OE upgrades that can, at times, offer more options than the consumer actually wants. For instance, a consumer may want a sunroof or entertainment system, but the factory “sun and sound” package includes other options that the consumer does not feel to be a direct benefit. Rather than push the customer into a more expensive vehicle, and often at price concession, suggest an aftermarket mobile theatre. This will create a win-win scenario for the consumer and the dealer.

Another value-added component to accessory integration is that it allows dealers to do more with what they have. Creative accessory departments and sales managers can limit the amount of dealer trades, purchases and special orders made. Sell what you have in stock and then add to it. Accessories also serve to benefit the service, parts and used-car departments through value-added services, repairs and product diversification. Expanding accessory operations will go a long way in solidifying the customer relationship and building brand loyalty.

Dealer Day 2010 will offer insights, tools and suggested practices for dealerships to integrate and optimize an accessory program. The emphasis will not only be on improving accessory indicators, but also dealer operations as a whole. Accessories are a byproduct of dealer performance and should serve to bring value, service and profit to the various departments.

Dealer Day was designed by dealers, for dealers. There will be three expert panels discussing business solutions, web traffic and Internet management and dealer operations. Myles Kovacs, president of DUB magazine and member of the SEMA Board of Directors, will anchor the day by discussing branding and packaging.

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