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Customize With Confidence Via ProPledge Warranty Assurance Program

ProPledge benefits all parties involved by assuring manufacturers their products are installed properly, offering dealerships liability protection and providing customers quality products that carry a warranty.

Pecca Leather in Norwalk, California, has recently joined the growing list of manufacturers who participate in SEMA’s ProPledge Warranty Assurance Program. Others include Check Corporation, Classic Design Concepts, Inalfa Sunroofs, Katzkin Leather, Mito Corporation, Roadwire, 3d Carbon and Webasto Product North America.

The supply chain from manufacturer to restyler to dealership to consumer is best captured in ProPledge’s slogan, “Customize With Confidence.” The program is limited to those companies that demonstrate exceptional service and offer superior products. To ensure these standards, ProPledge imposes requirements for years in service, liability coverage and certification.

For manufacturers, ProPledge ensures their products are installed properly and addresses concerns over dealer vehicle modifications. For installers, the primary benefit comes from gaining a competitive advantage and increasing dealer confidence.

For dealerships, ProPledge’s three-year/36,000-mile warranty, nationwide support and liability protection allows them to distinguish their product line and gain additional revenue streams through aftermarket accessorization without worrying about product liability or customer service. The customer ultimately benefits knowing they have purchased quality products that have been properly installed and carries a warranty.

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