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Don't Lose Sales With Bad Data

  Scott O'Toole
  Scott O'Toole, presenting here at the 2008 SEMA Show, will lead a webinar explaining how PIES will help businesses move more product.

No one can afford to lose sales, but many companies miss out on profitability by not following one simple procedure: ensuring that they offer customers complete and informative product information. Properly presented product data can boost a company’s image, increase sales, lower product return rates and improve product exposure.

Scott O’Toole, principal and founder of RPM Data Services, is a 28-year veteran of the performance and OEM industry. In his revealing new SEMA webinar entitled “Boost Profitability With Proper Product Data,” O’Toole will explain in easy-to-understand language how using the standardized Product Information Exchange Standards (PIES) will help your company sell more parts. The session is set for Thursday, August 12, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (PDT).

Topics include:

  • Essential product information
  • Crucial quality and accuracy
  • Bad information that causes big problems
  • How to populate and share data
  • Benefits of using proper data

O’Toole is a well-known industry author and speaker, and his company is a leader in the field of product data solutions, concentrating on high-performance and racing aftermarket parts distribution.

Join him live for “Boost Profitability With Proper Product Data,” or download the webinar at your convenience. Visit to register. And remember: SEMA webinars are free to SEMA members and only $29 for non-members.