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Job-Hunting? Top Industry Jobs Here

Looking for a new gig? The SEMA Member Classifieds “Positions Available” now lists 103 openings around the country.

SEMA Immediate Past Chairman Jim Cozzie’s company RTM Productions, for example, located in Franklin, Tennessee, is looking for a host for its wide range of how-to TV programs. Applicants need to be able to build engines, paint, weld and have strong technical writing skills. Previous TV experience is not required. RTM is also looking for sales reps to oversee ad sales and new business development.

ProParts, a Baltimore-based startup, is looking for a CEO/president, someone with a deep Rolodex, an ability to raise cash and experience running an automotive aftermarket company.

Seems like everyone loves Portland these days, and if you’re among them, there’s an assistant store manager position available through the AAE Group.

For the full list of available positions, click here.