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Increase your Pay-Per-Click ROI: Mastering the Conversion Trinity

Over 10 billion dollars were spent on PPC advertising last year, a part of which came out of your pocket. Did you get the return you expected out of it? Are you finding it more and more challenging to keep increasing your PPC effectiveness? Google Chief Economist Hal Varian estimates that the average AdWords advertisers see about $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend. If you have margins of less than 50% on your products, you are losing money. In essence, only about 2% of Google AdWords advertisers will get a return on investment that makes continuing worthwhile. Are you part of that elite group?

PPC management can be costly and overwhelming. Never did 95 characters seem so simple, but prove to be so challenging. In this intensive webinar session, "Increase your Pay-Per-Click ROI: Mastering the Conversion Trinity," scheduled Thursday, July 29, 10:00 a.m.(PST) and presented by New York Times bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg, you'll learn tips, tricks and processes to increase your ROI and make your PPC investments worth continuing. You'll learn how to triple your PPC advertising ROI while mastering:

  • The 7 most common PPC mistakes to avoid
  • 4 hot metrics you should be monitoring and including in your monthly reports
  • A powerful 3-step process to increase Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and relevancy of your ads and landing pages
  • The simple technique that will make you stand out from your competitors

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