Global Update

Commerce Department Reports on Modification Trends in Monterrey, Mexico

Enthusiasts in Monterrey, Mexico, are customizing a wide variety of vehicles, including U.S., German and Japanese cars and light trucks.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, in the region's earlier days, the most popular vehicles to modify were the Nissan Tsuru, Chevy Hatchback and Honda Civic. Currently, the most popular makes are BMW, Mitsubishi, Dodge and Hummer, and popular vehicles range from the VW Jetta GTi and the Nissan 350Z to SUVs and trucks, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade and Toyota Tacoma.

The report also highlights the modifications and accessories that are the most popular and which SEMA-member products are best known in Mexico.

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