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Nominations Open for SEMA Person of the Year

SEMA Board Member Doug Evans (left), seen here with 2008 Person of the Year Patrick Judge, was presented with SEMA's Person of the Year award in 2009.

It’s that time of year—awards nominations! As a SEMA member, you have the opportunity to select a nominee for the 2010 SEMA Person of the Year Award. The SEMA Person of the Year Award was established to honor a person for his/her outstanding contribution to the industry, above and beyond their normal job function.

Please review the Person of the Year Award criteria included in the online nomination form before completing your nomination. Nominations must include comments as to why, based on the award criteria, the person of your choice is deserving of this award.

All nominations are confidential. Please submit your 2010 SEMA Person of the Year Nomination Form by Friday, July 30, 2010.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Booher at 909/978-6706 or via e-mail

Past Award Winners:

Year Name
1969 Bob Spar
1970 Keith Jackson
1971 Doug Thoms
1972 Robert E. Petersen
1973 Wally Parks
1974 Harvey Crane
1975 Don Smith
1976 Els Lohn
1977 Dick Wells
1978 Donna Imrie Foulger
1979 Linda Vaughn
1980 John Simmons
1981 Nile Cornelison
1982 Dennis Holding
1983 Jim Davis
1984 W.A. "Butch" Lahmann
1985 Jim McFarland
1986 Tom Cepek
1987 Joe Amato
1988 Murray Diamond
1989 Charlie Van Cleve
1990 Bob McJannett
1991 Bob Patteri
1992 Bob Vandergriff
1993 Bob Keller
1994 Leo Kagan
1995 Brian Appelgate
1996 Amy Faulk
1997 Ronald Coleman
1998 Nate Shelton
1999 Jeffrey L. Thompson
2000 Douglas Mergenthaler
2001 Mitch Williams
2002 Paul "Scooter" Brothers
2003 Steve Bolio
2004 Jim Cozzie
2005 Jon Wyly
2006 Joel Ayres
2007 Wade Kawasaki
2008 Patrick Judge
2009 Doug Evans